What to Watch: QuaranTV

Looking for some television to watch during the ongoing pandemic? Look no further! The below assortment is an eclectic group of projects ranging from comedy to drama, all finding one commonality: excellence.

Enjoy, or don’t!

Rick & Morty – Season 4 ‘The Other Five’

Since The Simpsons, adult animation has been an integral part of the weekly television lineup. It inspired the exponentially growing lineup of family oriented animation with Family Guy, King of the Hill, and more recently Bob’s Burgers. In 2013, though, came a disruption to the genre in the form of Rick and Morty. The vulgar, improv-inspired sci-fi romp threw a wrench in the formula of animated, adult humor. The series became known for its destruction of the fourth wall, its cynicism, and its ironically nuanced storytelling. Rick and Morty earned a cult following extremely quickly. It’s hard to believe how far the show has come from its quiet premiere. What’s harder to digest is the fact that so few episodes have been produced in those seven years. When they do finally air, they are most often worth the wait. This spring will bring five brand new adventures sure to be filled with nihilism, satire, and hilarious & thought-provoking moments.

Airs on: Adult Swim, Sundays at 11:30p; VOD

Insecure – Season 4

Insecure is back for its fourth year! This season marks a difficult time in central character Issa’s relationship with best friend Molly, as well as the exploration of a more fully realized world of characters. Though the extended season order of 10 episodes slows the pace occasionally to a fault, the series makes up for it in emotional moments between characters that have been left previously unexplored. The comedy-drama is one of HBO’s best offerings in a post Game of Thrones world.

Airs on: HBO, Sundays at 10p

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – Series

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is easily one of the best shows currently in production. Helmed by Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palledino, the period drama features the aforementioned creator’s snappy dialogue, thoughtfully crafted characters, and compelling storylines that feel so outlandish they must be real people. Beginning in the late 1950s, the show ties in the themes of ego, sexual liberation, censorship, politics, and feminism. It uniquely paints the stories of a broken family venturing in different directions, with the titular Mrs. Maisel trekking through the trials and tribulations a female comic faces in a man’s world, nearly a century ago. The three seasons are faster to burn through then an observation quip from Maisel herself.

Airs on: Amazon Prime Video

Dave – Season 1

The underdog FX series that actually had something to say, Dave is absolutely worth any music or television lover’s time. It casually unravels the world and psyche of Dave Burd, a.k.a. Lil Dicky, as he navigates the contemporary music industry. Playful, casual, and often insightful, Dave is an extremely fun, meta experience.

Airs on: FX; Hulu

Little Fires Everywhere – Miniseries

Little Fires Everywhere, starring Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington, is a one-off drama about race, class, and family set in the 1990s. It is often compelling, and the performance from Witherspoon is as impeccable as ever. That said, the show’s narrative is often uneven and the insular characters are at times less than convincing. What makes the series worth the watch is the period aspect, the 90s soundtrack, and the occasionally poignant narrative on perpetuated, systemic discrimination in America.

Airs on: Hulu

HOLLYWOOD – Limited Series

Just how many shows does Ryan Murphy have in him? The queer mogul has done more for the community than arguably any other creator in Hollywood. The man behind the American Horror and American Crime Story franchises, Murphy’s prolific filmography continues on Netflix with the period drama HOLLYWOOD. Set in the town’s golden age, the show’s first season follows the lives of outsiders finding their way in a town set on rejecting them. Idealistic, revisionist, and featuring Murphy’s signature camp, HOLLYWOOD is a surefire good time.

Airs on: Netflix


Author: Kieran Sweeney

Writing about entertainment for the better part of a decade and consuming it twice as much, Kieran Sweeney is "the" pop culture aficionado. A connoisseur of the intersection of art and commercialism, the USC Annenberg graduate has earned his reputation as an empathetic and thoughtful writer. His resume includes USC's The Daily Trojan, USC Viterbi News, and personal assistance for publicity and marketing companies from Drill Down Media to This Fiction. His intersectional experience in the industry points to his wit and unfiltered thoughts on the latest project in entertainment

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