New Music Friday: 5/29/20

Album of the Week

"Chromatica," Lady Gaga
Chromatica, Interscope Records

Chromatica – Lady Gaga

2020 has been sparse on the pop front, and not without reason. The ongoing pandemic has left humanity in a less than motivated mood to get up and dance. This is exactly why Chromatica needed to arrive at this point in time. Though niche in its audience targeting, everyone can find a song or two to lock into their summer playlists. It’s an album that knows exactly what it is and who it’s talking to.

For fans of: Dua Lipa, Madonna, BLACKPINK

Song(s) of the Week

ATL Freestlye, Interscope Records

“ATL Freestlye” – 6LACK

6LACK continues to be a powerhouse on “ATL Freestyle.” His cool voice may come across as monotonous upon initial listening, but when the lyrics unfold and their delivery follows, 6LACK hits listeners with hit after hit and this new track is no exception. Its passed time to take the R&B artist seriously.

For fans of: J. Cole, SZA, Tory Lanez


hey girl, 777

“hey girl” – boy pablo

Summertime sadness came early this year! boy pablo’s new track is a delightfully honest account of hesitantly falling in love. It paints the moment before both parties establish their commitment to each other – a time of absolute loneliness and longing for something, yet being too scared to overstep and risk it all crumbling down. Be on the lookout for more of boy pablo,

For fans of: Tame Impala, Foster the People, Toro y Moi



“RiRi” – Aminé

When he’s not too busy guest spotting on shows like HBO’s Insecure, its clear Aminé has committed a lot of time to the studio. Continuing to evolve his sound, “RiRi” further unfolds the sound of the R&B leaning rapper’s last project ONEPOINTFIVE. The song is an indignant kiss-off with a synthy, bass heavy production. A gem and just a bread crumb of what’s to come from the artist.

For fans of: BROCKHAMPTON, Drake, Tyler the Creator


Author: Kieran Sweeney

Writing about entertainment for the better part of a decade and consuming it twice as much, Kieran Sweeney is "the" pop culture aficionado. A connoisseur of the intersection of art and commercialism, the USC Annenberg graduate has earned his reputation as an empathetic and thoughtful writer. His resume includes USC's The Daily Trojan, USC Viterbi News, and personal assistance for publicity and marketing companies from Drill Down Media to This Fiction. His intersectional experience in the industry points to his wit and unfiltered thoughts on the latest project in entertainment

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